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TS8350 Review – The Canon Pixma TS8350 is the superior model in the current year’s line of Canon home holding nothing back ones and – kid – doesn’t it look it? Our white survey test, named the TS8351, is potentially the most appealing across the board I’ve at any point checked on. Genuine, the bar isn’t actually set high, yet there is something in particular about the Pixma’s spotless square shaped lines, matt surfaces and huge 4.3in shading touchscreen that just snaps. It additionally assists that it’s so pleasant and conservative, with an impression of only 37 x 32cm and stature of just 14cm. It’s the across the board printer that you really like having sitting around your work area, and a ton more worthy than the typical multi-work behemoths.

This plan isn’t just snappy, yet in addition down to earth. The 100-sheet input plate – a shallow, cartridge-style exertion – openings in at the front and projects by around 5cm, so you shouldn’t think that its disrupting everything. Over this sits the yield plate which, on account of a quick 2-way feed, likewise functions as an

input plate for nail stickers and CDs. It additionally invests the greater part of its energy recessed inside the printer, flying out consequently when the TS8350 hums into dynamic generation. Then, a fold at the back of the cover opens to uncover a back feed intended for thicker photograph media.

The front board likewise sits alone pivot, which enables you to turn it upwards for simpler perusing and tapping of the screen. It doesn’t feel inconceivably strong, however some sort of wrench component holds it immovably in position while you work.

Physical availability is really essential, with only a USB Type B port at the back of the printer alongside a SD card opening in the front-right corner. Be that as it may, on the remote front you get double band 802.11n network, giving you the decision of 2.4GHz and 5GHz groups for something closer to the pinnacle association speed; not a serious deal, however an assistance in case you’re sending immense, multi-page reports to print or checking at high dpi goals.

You need to raise the scanner module away from the body of the printer to embed the ink cartridges, which click immovably into position in the print head. Like the past age Pixma TS8250 the TS8350 utilizes a six cartridge framework, with the typical color based cyan, fuchsia, yellow and dark inks joined by a photograph blue and a shade based dark, giving you both premium photograph printing capacities and the best ink for clean dark content.

The genuine arrangement itself is genuinely simple, with direction both from the touchscreen during initialisation and from the site you’re coordinated to at dispatch. Strangely, however, it appears to disregard any detail on the remote arrangement, which includes chasing through the Device Settings menu and designing the LAN Settings page. That is a disgrace, as this is one of only a handful not many touchscreen-driven printers where IU’ve been intrigued with the general convenience. I’ve utilized cell phones with littler screens that haven’t been as touchy, and for once I could choose things from the menu rapidly or even tap in a Wi-Fi secret word without careful pushing of each character.

Download Canon’s Print application and you can sweep to and print straightforwardly from the telephone, also Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. You can likewise print photographs from Instagram and Facebook. The TS8350 likewise works with the family-accommodating Easy-PhotPrint Editor application, while Canon supplies a committed Nail Creator application for the individuals who need to print their own stick-on nail plans, however this includes sprinkling out on the nail stickers media required.

Canon claims print speeds for the TS8350 as 15ppm highly contrasting and 10ppm shading, yet on the principal front the figures are really traditionalist. We saw paces of 17.8ppm in our highly contrasting content test with the primary page rising in a little more than 8 seconds. Shading print speeds are less great, averaging 5.19ppm, however while that is behind the quickest home and office inkjets we’ve tried, including the old HP Envy Photo 7830, that is still quite great. In case you’re printing out schoolwork or downloaded PDFs, you won’t stand by long. Truth be told, the TS8350 was in reality quicker than the Envy Photo 7830 when it came to printing complex four-page shading PDFs.

It is anything but an incredible decision for duplex printing, however. It’ll do it, yet an extensive interruption between printing one side of the page and different methods you’re seeing mono paces of generally 3.75ppm.

It’s similarly as expedient with regards to shading workmanship or photograph prints. A 10 x 8in photograph that we’ve seen take minutes to print on rival in with no reservations ones flew out in less than 30 seconds on the Pixma. A 6 x 4in photograph print was significantly quicker. We did, nonetheless, have a few issues getting our standard reflexive photograph paper to run easily through the back media plate, driving us to make due with placing it in the primary plate.

The TS8350 is even somewhat of a champ for quick duplicates. Mono duplicates took just shy of 15 seconds while a solitary shading duplicate landed in 26 seconds. On the two checks the TS8350 is in front of the Envy Photo 7830, however the old TS6250 was in reality quicker at 12 and 26 seconds. Outputs are another issue, however. Right off the bat, I experienced an unusual association issue where I could print to the Pixma from my PC yet the scanner programming wouldn’t discover it – yet starting the sweep at the scanner end would spare a JPEG photograph or PDF report to the PC. A full-page A4 filter at 300dpi took 22 seconds to finish – not awful, yet off the 18 second pace set by the Envy Photo 7830.

Presently for the great news. Print quality is, with a couple of minor admonitions, astounding. Dark content is splendidly fresh and delightfully characterized, however it goes marginally dim in draft mode or when you’re printing duplex. Photographs likewise look incredible, however you lose a little shading profundity in the features and we recognized some exceptionally fine white lines in the blue sky of one test print. Hues can be marginally quieted, however the look is characteristic instead of dull, without the oversaturation a few printers use to make ‘punchy’ looking yield, and for something that isn’t a pro photograph printer the TS8350 does quite well.

The admonitions come in more with regards to printing designs on plain paper. Here it tends to print excessively dim, and now and then the graduations between darker hues and lighter hues look muddled. Furthermore, the ink soaks our standard 80gsm office paper more than we’d like, leaving a marginally undulated impact.

Canon PIXMA TS8350 Driver Free Download Suppport for:

  • Windows
  • macOS X
  • Linux

IJ Start Canon PIXMA TS8350 Set Up Drivers for Windows

Download  — == IJ Start Canon TS8350 Full Driver Windows x32/x64
Download  — == IJ Start Canon TS8350 MP Printer Driver Windows x32/x64


TS8350 Set Up Software for MacOS X

Download  — == IJ Start Canon TS8350 Easy Photo Print Editor macOS x32/x64
Download  — == IJ Start Canon TS8350 IJ Network Device Setup Utility macOS x32/x64
Download  — == IJ Start Canon TS8350 IJ Scan Utility macOS x32/x64
Download  — == IJ Start Canon TS8350 Full Driver Software Package macOS x32/x64


IJ Start Printer Drivers for Linux 32bit/64bit

Download  — == IJ Start Printer Driver for Linux (Source file)
Download  — == IJ Start Printer Driver for Linux (Debian)
Download  — == IJ Start Printer Driver for Linux (rpm)

TS8350 ScanGear MP Drivers for Linux 32bit/64bit

Download  — == IJ Start Canon TS8350 ScanGear MP for Linux (Source file)
Download  — == IJ Start Canon TS8350 ScanGear MP for Linux (Debian)
Download  — == IJ Start Canon TS8350 ScanGear MP for Linux (rpm)

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